Shoreline HR Consulting

**COVID-19 Update**: We are open, fully vaccinated, and meeting clients both in-person and virtually.

Management Coaching

Shoreline HR offers management coaching services for all types of businesses. Management consulting and coaching goes beyond showing how a manager’s behavior can impact others. One on one Management coaching and consulting can help leaders manage stress, improve conflict resolution, and achieve goals. This leads to a more pleasant work environment for both the manager and employees.  

Our process for developing a successful Management Coaching plan is set up in phases. We start with intake, assessment, goal setting, and development planning. The process is over when the goals are achieved. The manager is expected to check in regularly to measure the success of the development plan. The average time to complete the plan is twelve months. All of the conversations between the manager and the coach are kept strictly confidential. We also coach and train managers and leaders on the following things:

  • HR Department Set-Up
  • Performance
  • Management