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Human Resource Policy and Procedure

Creating a plan for Human Resource Policy and Procedure is essential to ensuring professional and clear guidelines for supervisors and managers. HR Policies and Procedures also can be used as a reference for managing your staff. Shoreline HR will assist you in writing policies that are directly related to employment and are required by employment law.

Modern job seekers, managers, and employees want to know their employees care about issues such as inclusion, diversity, and gender equality. In fact, 87% of global businesses say diversity and inclusion are a priority for their business or organization.

Human Resources policies and procedures include creating a non-discrimination policy. Shoreline HR Consulting can assist you with creating a policy that is appropriate and respectful and complies with state and federal employment statutes. Non-discrimination policies typically include sexual and other harassment, racial harassment, threats and offensive jokes.

With COVID-19 still relevant, we can help you develop a policy and procedures for employees that are working from home. When allowing employees to work from home, we recommend you develop a policy and procedure that addresses the following:

  • Who is eligible to work from home.
  • Communication protocols
  • How often and how long the employee can work from home
  • Tools, equipment, and resources the employee needs to work from home. 

Other Human Resource Policy and Procedure items may include: 

  • Workplace Investigations
  • Disciplinary Actions
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Performance and Conduct Reviews

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